Island Specialty Timbers IST recovers and sells whole logs, stumps and burls from Tasmania’s native special species, sourced from Permanent Timber Production Zone land (PTPZl) which is managed by Sustainable Timber Tasmania (STT).

A brief description of the species available at IST follows:

  • banner - myrtle


    Myrtle is the dominant tree in Tasmania’s cool temperate rainforests and in the understorey of mixed wet eucalypt forests.
  • banner - sasafras


    Sassafras grows as an understorey tree in Tasmania’s wet mixed forests and rainforests.
  • banner - blackwood


    Blackwood is the most commercially available and widely used Tasmania specialty timber.
  • banner - silver whattle

    Silver Wattle

    Silver Wattle, grow quickly into tall straight trees in eucalypt forests and in pure wattle stands.
  • banner - huon pine

    Huon Pine

    Huon Pine is Australia’s oldest living tree which produces Tasmania’s iconic specialty timber.
  • banner - celerytop

    Celery-top pine

    Celery-top pine grows in Tasmania’s wet mixed forests and rainforests commonly with myrtle and sassafras trees.
  • Banner - Leatherwood


    Leatherwood timber is hard, strong, moderately heavy, easily worked and has a very fine grain.
  • banner - eucalypt


    Twenty nine species of eucalypts grow widely in a range of habitats across Tasmania from sea level to alpine peaks.
  • Banner - King Billy

    King Billy pine

    Most of the high elevation forests where this native softwood grows in Tasmania are within permanent reserves or in tenures not available for timber production.
  • Banner - other logs

    Other Tasmanian specialty timbers and rarities

    As a rule, specialty timber is recovered from logging operations where quality merits which extends to figure, colour and ability to process.