Celery-top pine

Celery-top pine, Phyllocladus asplenifolius, grows in Tasmania’s wet mixed forests and rainforests commonly with myrtle and sassafras trees.

Celery-top pine is technically a softwood, yet is known for its hard, durable, fine grained timber which varies from creamy yellow to golden in colour after exposure to air and sunlight.

The wood resembles Huon pine but comparably has no oil or odour, less lustre and more contrasting growth rings.

The heartwood is class 2 durable, 15 – 20 years in ground.

Logs capable of yielding long pieces of clear timber are very limited, while logs with live knots are more common.  

IST Geeveston has small stocks of celery-top pine boards and may intermittently offer fresh logs for tender and direct purchase.