What we do

Island Specialty Timbers (IST) is a business enterprise of Sustainable Timber Tasmania (STT) which sources and retails raw material of Tasmanian specialty timbers from harvest or salvage operations conducted on State owned Permanent Timber Production Zone land (PTPZl).

Most of these logs, stumps, or burls are sold directly to buyers in the raw form who process them into timber or slabs for value adding into buildings, boat repair or construction, veneers, furniture, turned items, musical instruments and small products for markets.

Persons wishing to purchase specialty timbers should contact IST Geeveston who carry a range of sawn timber stock available for purchase and also sells selected logs in regular tenders and standard grade logs from the storage yard at Cemetery Road, Geeveston, off Arve Road. 

Chris Emmett, the Manager can be contacted by email - chris.emmett@sttas.com.au or tel. 03 6295 7161 or 0419 998 452. 

Small orders can be delivered to the STT southern office at building 2, 76 Lampton Avenue, Derwent Park, which also contains a small range of the most common seasoned, dressed specialty timbers.  

Processed stock at IST Geeveston includes slabbed burls and logs with live edge, squared dressed boards in a variety of dimensions, and waxed turning blanks.