King Billy pine

King Billy pine - Athrotaxis selaginoides

This endemic Tasmanian sub-alpine softwood tree is found high elevation forests within World Heritage Areas and in permanent conservation reserves. 

Intermittently some King Billy pine logs are salvaged from Hydro storage lakes, roads or access tracks and are sold to sawmills or in log tenders.

Private stocks of King Billy pine timber milled from legally harvested logs before about 1985 become available from estate sales or auctions from time to time.  

Additionally some long established sawmills (such as Tasmanian Specialty Timbers in Queenstown Tasmania) carry some historic inventory.

King Billy pine timber is soft, light in weight, pink in colour, durable and very dimensionally stable.  

It is very durable and has a unique aroma when worked.

Rare - IST Geeveston intermittently has a small amount of King Billy timber for sale.