Poles - celery-top pine & craft grade Huon pine

Poles size celery-top pine and Huon pine craft logs can be purchased from IST Geeveston for use as natural round posts or beams either externally, within buildings or can be milled on their Woodmizer bandsaw mill into square or rectangular posts or beams.

Poles for milling must be less than 6 metres in length, about 175 - 300 mm in diameter and fairly straight. 

Natural celery-top pine poles are available at IST Geeveston in diameters from 150 mm - 300 mm and in lengths up to 11 metres. 

Please note that the exposed sapwood of celery-top pine is not naturally durable so it will gradually rot and may also be attacked by native borer beetles. 

Of course Huon pine is attractive as weathered or fresh wood, is easy to work and very durable in any situation.