A milling service for logs purchased from IST, either directly or from log tenders, is only offered at IST Geeveston. 

Customers are welcome to select and purchase logs from yard stocks not reserved for tenders at Geeveston or STT Strahan and these logs can be milled to order on a modern bandsaw sawmill at Geeveston.  Logs can be milled into slabs or timber and log buyers can be present, by appointment, to supervise the milling of their logs. 

All timber and round backs can be collected on the day or IST Geeveston can stack it onto a suitable pallet for delivery to your Australian address.  

Logs or stumps (primarily Huon pine) purchased at the STT Strahan log yard can also be milled at IST Geeveston.  Buyers can deliver their purchase to Geeveston or include it with truck loads of craft grade logs delivered a few times each year to Geeveston.   

Very large logs, greater than ninety (90) centimetres in diameter, may require ripping into halves or quarters before they can be milled into timber on the bandsaw sawmill.

This bandsaw is capable of milling logs or burls into timber or slabs from 5 mm thick, up to 800 mm wide, from logs or burls from 1.0 - 5.5 metres in length.

Woodmizer bandsaw rate: from 28 August 2023, $220.00 per hour.

Log Ripping by Chainsaw rate: from 28 August 2023, $120.00 per hour.

Labour hire to rack / pack / prepare:  from 28 August 2023, $100.00 per hour.

Please direct any questions about log milling at IST Geeveston to Mr Chris Emmett, or 03 6295 7161 or mobile 0419 998 452