Current Tender

Seasoned eucalypt timber with figure and character 

See descriptions and image below for stock of this timber at IST Geeveston.

Results for the March tender at IST Geeveston

This tender received good support and most logs brought average to very good prices; top price was paid for the best black-heart sassafras log, number 13, about $4200 / m3. The rounded results per cubic metre for each log are shown at 'Tender Price Archive', above the results of the tender at STT Strahan. 

Results for the tender at STT Strahan

Results are shown at 'Tender Price Archive', below results for the March tender at IST Geeveston.    

Utility & Outspec Celery-top pine logs

IST Geeveston has a quantity of these fresh logs for sale at $285 / tonne for outspec grade logs and $320 / tonne for utility grade logs; please contact Mr Chris Emmett to discuss purchase and milling options.      

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Logs for Purchase

Logs not selected for sale in tenders, with the exception of black-heart sassafras logs, can be purchased directly from IST Geeveston.  Blackwood, myrtle, silver wattle, craft grade Huon pine logs and celery-top pine poles can also be selected for direct purchase.  Such logs can be loaded for removal or can be milled to your requirements by IST Geeveston.  See Products - Logs for prices or contact Mr Chris Emmett by email or tel 03 6295 7161 or mobile 0419 998 452 to discuss the material available for selection.  


Eucalypt boards with figure & gum features