Current Tender

First Tender at IST Geeveston in 2020 will run from Friday 7 - Monday 17  February and will contain fresh logs from new harvest areas. 

Results of December Tender at IST Geeveston

All thirty eight specialty timbers logs sold at average to very good prices.  Rounded prices for each lot are shown in the Tender Price Archive below the average price list for different specialty timber logs.  Bids were accepted from eight persons, the highest price was paid for log 16, a black-heart sassafras log with spalted colour, about $2525 $/m3; other strong prices were paid for the red-heart leatherwood and celery-top pine logs. 

Huon pine slabs

Two packs of thick high grade Huon pine slabs suitable for carving or premium furniture pieces are in stock at IST Geeveston; questions or orders to Chris please.   

Logs for Purchase

Logs not selected for tenders, except sassafras logs, can be purchased directly from IST Geeveston.  Blackwood, myrtle, silver wattle, craft grade Huon pine and celery-top pine poles can be loaded for removal or can be milled to your requirements by IST Geeveston.  Contact Mr Chris Emmett by email or tel 03 6295 7161 or mobile 0419 998 452 to discuss the prices and material available for selection.  

Horizontal Scrub 

Salvaged horizontal scrub pieces 2.1 - 2.3 metres x 25 mm - 50 mm diameter suitable for walking / trail sticks, stools, chairs are in stock at IST Geeveston.   Visit or contact Chris Emmett if you wish to purchase this unique material which has become more scarce and difficult to obtain.