Current Tender

At IST Geeveston, bids by 10 pm, Mon 13/5

Twenty six logs (sassafras, ti tree, leatherwood, myrtle, blackwood & celery-top pine ) and two eucalypt burl lots, see below. 


Offers delivered to IST Geeveston at Cemetery Road or posted must arrive by close of business, 4 pm on Monday 13 May but offers emailed to will be accepted if they arrive by 10 pm on the same day.  A scan or images of the signed tender form can be attached and delivered by email.  The tender form is attached as Word and Pdf documents.


Material in this tender can be inspected at IST Geeveston, off Cemetery Road, Geeveston on weekdays between 8 am and 4 pm. 


If you have any questions about the tender process or the material please contact Mr Chris Emmett at IST Geeveston tel 03 6295 7161 or mobile during business hours 0419 998 452 or email as above.  

Log 3, Sassafras, black-heart & spalted

Log 4, Sassafras, black-heart / spalted

Log 6, Sassafras, black-heart / spalted