Lot 39, Ti tree, three logs

Lot 39, Ti tree, three logs.  Each log has sun cracks in the sapwood, fairly straight with typical limbs and holes but also good red-heart colour, most ends show solid wood, on average good quality.  Dimensions: a)  length 3.6 metres, butt diameter 22 cm, head diameter 21 cm, volume 0.12 cubic metres, weight about 135 kg; b) length 3.7 metres, butt diameter 32 cm, head diameter 28 cm, volume 0.26 cubic metres, weight about 300 kg; c) length 3.8 metres, butt diameter 25 cm, head diameter 22 cm, volume 0.15 cubic metres, weight about 175 kg.  Lot totals - volume 0.53 cubic metres, weight about 610 kg.  IST Geeveston could mill these logs to order on their band saw mill at $170 per hour, any questions please to chris.emmett@sttas.com.au