Lot 38, Banksia, three pieces

Lot 38, Banksia, three pieces.  Three fresh logs with typical bends, limbs and holes.  These could be milled in short sections on a band saw or saw bench for better timber recovery or cut into blocks for turning or sawn boxes.  Dimensions: a)  length 3.8 metres, butt diameter 24 cm, head diameter 22 cm, volume 0.15 cubic metres, weight about 175 kg; b) length 3.2 metres, butt diameter 25 cm, head diameter 21 cm, volume 0.13 cubic metres, weight about 140 kg; c) length 5.0 metres, butt diameter 30 cm, head diameter 23 cm, volume 0.26 cubic metres, weight about 280 kg.  Lot totals - volume 0.54 cubic metres, weight about 595 kg.  IST Geeveston could mill these logs to order on their band saw mill at $170 per hour, any questions please to chris.emmett@sttas.com.au