Lot 31, Cheesewood, two pieces.

Lot 31, Cheesewood, two pieces.  Two cheesewood logs, a) is solid and good quality.  b) is star shaped at the butt end but also curved and bent.  Each have a few sun cracks and contain dense, light coloured wood suitable for feature / highlight timber.   No pin hole borers.  Piece a) length 3.5 m, butt diameter 16 cm, head diameter 13 cm, volume 0.05 cubic metres, weight about 60 kg.  Piece b) length 3.7 m butt diameter 21 cm, head diameter 17 cm, volume 0.07 cubic metres, weight about 75 kg.  Lot volume 0.12 cubic metres, lot weight about 135 kg.  IST Geeveston could process these logs to order on their band saw mill at $170 per hour, contact Mr Chris Emmett if you have any questions.