Lot 2, Leatherwood

Lot 2, Leatherwood.  A straight round log from storage with sun cracks in the sapwood, some bumps, plain wood colour but a good quality log.  No visible pin hole borer traces.  Length 3.1 metres, butt diameter 47 cm, head diameter 43 cm, volume 0.49 cubic metres, weight about 550 kg.  IST Geeveston could mill this log to order into slabs or timber on their Woodmizer band sawmill at $170 per hour, contact Chris Emmett if you have any questions about this option.  

Sustainable Timber Tasmania recognises the value of leatherwood as an apiary resource. It therefore excludes areas rich in leatherwood trees from harvest.  Occasionally harvested areas in some wet forests contain isolated leatherwood trees which cannot be retained, so speciality timber logs are recovered from these trees.