Lot 15, King William pine logs, three pieces

Lot 15, King William pine logs, four pieces.   Four short, salvaged, dry logs with sun / drying cracks and a little dry rot.  Log b has two bends, the other three logs are straight. Log d is a half shaped piece.  All could be milled into narrow slabs or boards, which would be easy to season but timber recovery will be relatively low.  Dimensions: log a, length 2.1 metres, large end diameter 25 cm, small end diameter 21 cm, volume 0.08 cubic metres; log b, length 1.7 metres, large end diameter 32 cm, small end diameter 29 cm, volume 0.12 cubic metres; log c, length 1.4 metres, large end diameter 31 cm, small end diameter 27 cm, volume 0.09 cubic metres; log d, length 2.2 metres, large end diameter 36 cm, small end diameter 31 cm x 15 cm thick; lot volume 0.44 cubic metres, weight about 350 kg.