Lot 11, King William pine, two logs, a & b

Lot 11, King William pine two logs, a & b.   Two salvaged dry pole size logs, piece a is straight, has a hole at the butt end, limbs / holes, deep sun / drying cracks and dry rot at the head end while piece b is longer but has a bend at about mid length, deep sun / drying cracks and a small hole at the butt end.  Each piece could be milled into small slabs or boards and be very easy to season; piece b should be milled in two lengths.  Dimensions: piece a, 2.3 metres, large end diameter 37 cm, small end diameter 31 cm, volume 0.20 cubic metres; piece b, 2.8 metres, large end diameter 25 cm, small end diameter 20 cm, volume 0.10 cubic metres, lot volume 0.30 cubic metres, lot weight about 200 kg.