Log 35, Eucalypt, tear drop figure.

Log 35, Eucalypt, tear drop figure.  A fresh, large log, solid, little tear drop at the butt end, light tear drop figure in the outer 25 cm at the head end.  Wavy growth rings visible each end are likely to produce attractive figure in the timber.  There is one small discoloured section of wood at the head end.  No visible pin hole borer traces.  An excellent quality log which can produce high quality timber in large sizes.   Length  5.4 metres, head diameter 105 cm, butt diameter 103 cm, volume 4.58 cubic metres, weight about 5000 kg.  IST Geeveston could process this log to order on their band saw mill into boards or slabs at $170 per hour, any questions to chris.emmett@sttas.com.au