Log 35, Blackwood

Log 35, Blackwood.  A fresh angular shaped butt log with rich dark wood, perhaps also figured, judging by its surface appearance.  It is straight, has a slightly twisted shape and surface spiral grain and three large limbs at the head end.  A small old scar is visible near the heart at the butt end.  Although not perfect it is a very good quality log able to produce large pieces of premium timber.  It could be milled in two lengths for better timber recovery.  No visible pin hole borer activity.  Length 5.2 metres, butt diameter 73 cm, head diameter 58 cm, volume 1.72 cubic metres, weight about 1900 kg.   IST Geeveston could mill this log to order on their bandsaw mill at $150 per hour, contact Chris Emmett if you have any questions.