Log 33, Leatherwood, red-heart

Log 33, Leatherwood,  A fresh, large round log with two limbs at the head end, one is likely to be the source of rot at this end.  It appears to contain good red-heart figure and could be milled in two lengths for better timber recovery.  No visible pin hole borer activity.  Length 5.2 metres, butt diameter 45 cm, head diameter 42 cm, volume 0.75 cubic metres, weight about 825 kg.   IST Geeveston could mill this log into your requirements as slabs or boards on their bandsaw mill at $150 per hour, contact Chris Emmett if you have any questions.  

STT excludes leatherwood dense areas during harvest planning but recovers leatherwood logs from trees which arise within harvest areas for their valuable specialty timbers.