Log 25, Myrtle, downer

Log 25, Myrtle, downer.  A large diameter old growth log salvaged from a forgotten log heap in the Florentine Valley.  It is large, straight, obviously affected by surface and end rot but still has potential to produce large pieces of dark and flame coloured myrtle boards, squares and slabs.  Old borer traces are visible but none are currently active.  At the butt end a piece was split off to 30 cm thick about 1.5 metres in length and a similar but thinner and shorter piece has been lost from the head end.  About one third of the head end is affected by rot while the butt end is mostly solid.  Length 3.7 metres, butt diameter 100 cm, head diameter 90 cm, volume 2.35 cubic metres, weight about 2500 kg.  IST Geeveston could mill this log into slabs or boards on their bandsaw mill at $150 per hour, contact Mr Chris Emmett if you have any questions.