Log 23, Silver wattle

Log 23, Silver wattle.   A recently harvested log recovered from a tree which had been dead for a short time, based on the dead bark, wood grubs beneath it and obvious attack by pine hole borers, most visible on the end grain at the butt end.  No pin hole borer traces are visible on the end grain at the head end.  Apart from these negatives this is a fresh, solid, straight log with clear wood and little taper likely to produce a high recovery of large timber pieces.  Length 3.8 metres, butt diameter 58 cm, head diameter 55 cm, volume 0.93 cubic metres, total weight about 1000 kg.   IST Geeveston could mill this log to order on their bandsaw mill at $170 per hour, any questions please to chris.emmett@sttas.com.au