Log 23, Leatherwood.

Log 23, Leatherwood.   A recently harvested log, curved with spiral grain, irregular shape at the butt end, two dry scars and sun cracks in and through sapwood.  No red-heart colour or visible pin hole borers. Allow about 0.1 metre loss at each end due to dry cracks and mill in two or three lengths for best timber recovery.   Length 4.1 metres, butt diameter 35 cm, head diameter 27 cm, volume 0.31 cubic metres, weight about 350 kg.  IST Geeveston could mill this log into slabs or boards on their bandsaw mill at $150 per hour, contact Mr Chris Emmett if you have any questions.   

During harvest planning STT exclude areas rich in leatherwood from coupes however if usable leatherwood logs are found during harvest operations these are recovered for timber production.