Mill waste packs

Mill waste packs - when IST Geeveston mill specialty timber logs into slabs and boards on its bandsawmill for seasoning and later sales round-back slabs are produced in 2 - 6 metre lengths up to 100 mm thick.  The most common logs milled are blackwood, sassafras - black-heart, spalted and plain, celery-top pine, Huon pine, myrtle, silver wattle and figured eucalypt.  Some round-back pieces contain useful material which can be recovered into thin boards or squares by re-sawing on a bandsaw or sawbench.  These packs can collected at Cemetery Road, Geeveston with a safe, road legal vehicle or trailer, either loaded as whole packs or as individual pieces.  Please contact Mr Chris Emmett at IST Geeveston, email or tel 03 6295 7161 or mobile 0419 998 452, to discuss availability and price.