MyrtleNothofagus cunninghamii

Myrtle is the dominant tree in the cool temperate rainforest and in the mixed wet eucalypt forests. The wood has been used since European settlement and has become a sought-after cabinet timber. Colour varies from pink to a deep red brown and fiddle-back grain, stripey colour and burl figure is highly coveted.

Tiger myrtle is perhaps the rarest of the myrtle colour decorations, the “tiger stripe” of contrasting dark brown - black is caused by fungal discoloration. Tiger myrtle is most often produced from cull trees with too much centre defect to meet pulpwood specifications. The most dominant tiger stripe is displayed in quarter sawn timber.

Air Dry Density about 700 kg/m3 (Bootle 1985)

Availability: Myrtle is available from IST Geeveston and IST Smithton as tender logs and burls while IST Geeveston process and sell kiln-dried boards, air and kiln-dried slabs, squares, waxed green turning blanks, green and part seasoned burls and tiger myrtle veneer.