Leatherwood - Eucryphia lucida

Leatherwood trees are famous for the nectar produced by their white flowers which is collected and processed by honey bees into exquisite leatherwood honey.   They are only found as an understorey tree in Tasmania's wetter mixed forests and rainforests across State forests, parks and reserves.  Wherever possible areas dominated by leatherwood trees in State forests are excluded from logging coupes to maintain a resource for the apiary industry.  Leatherwood trees harvested from within some coupes can produce logs which contain a rich palette of timber colours from pinks through to browns; red-heart logs contain the most figured wood, similar in appearance to black-heart sassafras.

Leatherwood is very fine grained timber and known for its good workability and finish. Its name arose from the extreme flexibility of its green timber. 

Air Dry Density about 740 kg/m3 (Bootle 1985)

Availability Leatherwood logs are sometimes offered in the log tenders at IST Geeveston or IST Smithton while IST Geeveston process logs into seasoned boards, squares slabs, turning blanks and waxed green turning blanks.