Huon pine

Huon pine - Lagarostrobos franklinii (formerly Dacrydium franklinii)

Perhaps the most famous and highly prized Tasmanian special timber, Huon pine is the stuff of legends. It is Australia’s oldest living tree and one of the oldest known living organisms on the planet. It had a traditional use as the most favoured boat building timber due to its natural durability and ease of use. Today, it remains the preferred wooden boat building timber.
Huon pine is used across a wide range of products from souvenirs to well designed small artefacts, modern furniture, high class fitout, boat building & repair and sculpture.  Freshly milled or dressed Huon pine wood is initially straw coloured and has a distinct aromatic perfume but ages after contact with air and light to a rich golden colour.  It is a very forgiving timber to work across the woodworking disciplines, from turning, veneer/inlay to cabinet making. While care may be needed in finishing due to its inherent oiliness, it produces a high lustre. Birds-eye and figured Huon pine are the most coveted features producing intense lustre in the grain patterns.

Eighty five per cent of Huon pine forests are conserved in National Parks and fifteen per cent are managed by Forestry Tasmania. Forestry Tasmania surveys all salvage / harvest sites and plants Huon pine seedlings to ensure sites are fully regenerated.

All Huon pine logs, limbwood and timber sold by Island Specialty Timbers and established Huon PIne sawmills originate from Huon Pine forests managed by Forestry Tasmania, the only legal source. Please do not purchase Huon pine timber or logs which could have been illegally removed from National Parks or State forests.

Air Dry Density 520 kg/m3 (Bootle 1985)

Availability: IST Strahan has stock of craftwood logs, limbwood, stumps and boat knees for sale; see rates on this web site.  IST Geeveston sell a range of Huon pine timber as boards, squares, slabs and turning blanks and maintain a stock of craftwood logs, limbwood and stumps for sale, some of which may be included in the regular tender sales. 

Huon pine timber is also widely available from sawmills with Huon pine sawlog rights at Strahan, South Queenstown and Camdale; the timber is also available from some timber merchants and Tasmanian woodcraft shops.