Celery Top Pine

Celery-top pine - Phyllocladus asplenifolius

Celery-top pine is a native Tasmanian tree known for its celery-like phyllodes (like leaves). It is a conifer and technically a softwood yet known for its tough, durable, fine grained timber. Its wood varies from a creamy yellow to a darker golden colour, darkening with exposure to sunlight.

Celery-top pine is a traditional boat building timber, especially for fit-out and cabins, but also for planking wooden boats. A more contemporary use for smaller logs is pole framed housing or construction. If used above the ground the wood is highly durable. The heart wood has a durability class rating of 2 (15-25 years in ground), if the sapwood is removed it can be used in-ground. The wood lacks odour and taste and is ideally suited to kitchen utensils and unsealed benches.

Air Dry Density about 650 kg/m3 (Bootle 1985)

Availability: IST Geeveston sell celery-top pine poles, squared beams, slabs, boards, squares and timber for decking and cladding.  Celery-top pine logs are also offered for sale in regular tenders at IST Geeveston.