Milling & Timber Services

Milling and Timber Services at IST Geeveston  

Please note: bookings are required in advance for these services which are conducted by IST staff.

Woodmizer bandsaw - to cut logs or burls into timber or slabs from 5 mm thick, up to 800 mm wide and up to 5.0 metres in length. Minimum charge is $50 or $140 per hour.  Huon pine craft pieces can be milled into diagonal slices for bread / cheese boards, see images.  A lathe attachment can for this mill can cut square, hexagonal or octagonal posts or beams from small diameter logs, 1.5 m - 3.0 metres in length.     

Log Ripping by Chainsaw - $75 per hour to rip logs to your requirements or to prepare a large log or stump for milling by the bandsaws or Lucas mill.

Timber Seasoning - air-dried timber can be seasoned in a modern kiln at $110 per cubic metre stacked volume; please note bookings are required and your material will need to be scheduled for seasoning with other similar timber.

Slab Preparation by Wood Wiz - $100 per hour, to 1.8 m wide x 4.0 m long

Thicknesser (helical cutters) - $100 per hour, to 600 mm wide, 3 - 100 mm thick

Drum Sander - $100 per hour, to 600 mm wide, 2 - 100 mm thick

Bandsaw - $100 per hour, 32 mm blade, 600 mm throat, 300 mm cut depth

Timber Docking - $100 per hour for timber to 600 mm wide and 125 mm thick

IST Strahan and IST Smithton can recommend processing services to suit your purchase.

This section updated on 18  September 2013