Logs for Tender

You can see a summary of prices accepted by IST Geeveston and IST Smithton during previous tenders at 'Tender Sale Prices'.  

If you wish to receive email notice of future tenders send your name and email address to or to Murray Jessup, ISTT Tenders, PO Box 207, Hobart, TAS. 7001.



Beams / Posts

IST Geeveston has sawn Celery-top pine square posts / beams in the following sizes 75 mm, 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm in lengths from 1.2 metres to 3.3 metres.  Celery-top pine timber will age to an attractive honey coloured timber if oiled and is naturally durable - no chemicals!

You can order or inspect these post options at IST Geeveston and we are happy to mill new material to suit your project. 


Wide dry slabs

Seasoned wide slabs sawn from high quality Black-heart Sassafras, Blackwood, Myrtle and Celery-top Pine logs (and from Myrtle and Eucalypt burls) are available in widths from 350 mm - 900 mm, in lengths from 2.5 m  to 3.5 m.  Slabs can be supplied as rough-sawn pieces 30 mm or 55 - 60 mm thick or dressed to 25 mm or 45 mm thickness.  We can supply slabs with natural edges or sawn pieces free of heart and sapwood suitable for table tops, shelves, bars, mantel pieces or furniture.    Prices based on a piece 2.5 m x 500 mm wide x 55 mm thick, either rough sawn or dressed are - plain timber $250 / $350 or figured timber from burled logs or black-heart sassafras $350 / $430.   Wholesale prices are available for rack purchases and we have matched slab sets sawn from logs and burls, either air seasoned or air & kiln seasoned.  Seasoned slabs sawn from Eucalypt and myrtle burls are also available as rough-sawn or dressed pieces, either 40 mm or 55 mm thick - prices either rough sawn or dressed for a burl disc 500 mm diameter x 40 mm thick are $45 r/s $55 dr and for 500 mm x 55 mm thick are $60 r/s $75 dressed. 


Green burls

Green unprocessed burls are recovered from Myrtle and Eucalyptus trees during harvesting operations on state forests, to provide raw material for processors and makers of high quality pieces.  All Myrtle burls sell at $2.20 per kg, while Eucalypt burls less than 100 kg in weight sell for $1.50 per kg and burls 100 kg or more sell for $1.00 per kg, these prices include GST.  Contact ISTT Geeveston or Smithton to inquire about their availability.


Huon Pine craftwood

Huon Pine craftwood, limbwood, stumps and pieces for boat knees can be purchased from IST Strahan, by appointment; please call 03 6472 6004.  Huon Pine craftwood and limbwood is also available from IST Geeveston during their normal business hours.   Prices for each type of Huon Pine material are based on weight, size and quality.  



Blackwood logs arise from eucalypt harvesting operations because this tree is widely distributed and regenerates easily from seeds which stay viable in the soil for many years.  Logs vary in diameter from around 30 cm to 75 cm and wood colour ranges from a dark honey colour to rich chocolate and often with pinkish hues.   IST Geeveston sells selected logs in the regular tenders and in bulk lots; both can be milled to your requirements. Sawn timber, both dressed and rough sawn is available as boards, squares and dressed stock for floors and wall panelling.  Some figured and fiddle-back pieces are available but more such material is found in north-west Tasmania.



Myrtle logs are received from harvesting operations in mature forests with a well developed understorey and may be plain logs or older logs with many burls.  Timber colour in individual myrtle logs varies greatly from pale coloured pinks to pink-brown to dark pink-red; it is rare to find myrtle logs in southern Tasmania with tiger myrtle figure but IST Geeveston occaisionally mills tiger myrtle logs and stumps supplied by IST Smithton.  IST Geeveston sells selected myrtle logs in the regular tenders and in bulk lots; both can be milled to your requirements. Sawn myrtle timber, both dressed and rough sawn is available as wide slabs, boards, squares and dressed stock for floors and wall panelling.  Some striped, figured and fiddle-back pieces are available. 


Veneers for Sale

Bundles of fresh Dorrel, Myrtle with burl figure and Cheesewood are available from IST Smithton, open for sales from Monday 28 April 2014.  Cheesewood veneers are 150, 190, 200 and 210 mm wide and either 1.1 m or 1.2 m in length at $44 / m2, incl. gst.  The Dorrel and burl Myrtle are wide and appear to be at least 1.8 m in length, at $66 / m2, incl. gst.  Some older stock of Tiger Myrtle veneers sliced about 10 years ago is also available. Please contact Andrew King, tel. 03 6452 9101 or 0427 810 341 or or Craig Jaffray, mobile 0427 546 707 or 


Horizontal scrub pieces

Horizontal scrub pieces available from IST Geeveston, from small, 20 mm, to large diameter, 200 mm, and sawn slabs, 30 mm thick up to 150 mm wide.  Most pieces are seasoned but some recently collected material is green.  Lengths are from 1 - 3.5 metres. All material is clean, sound material with attractive bark typical of horizontal scrub.  Ideal for a range of craft or furniture uses.  Visit IST Geeveston or contact Chris Emmett, by email at or tel. 03 6295 7161 or 0419 998 452