The next and last tender for 2018 will be open for bids at IST Geeveston from Friday 23 November - Monday 3 December.  It will contain more logs of black heart sassafras, celery-top pine, red heart leatherwood and other selected material.  

IST Geeveston has fresh stock of celery-top pine poles and small sawlogs, contact or tel 03 6295 7161 if you wish to purchase these logs or need an order.  

Results of October Tender at IST Geeveston - strong interest in this material, every log sold for good to very good prices especially the better the black heart sassafras, leatherwood, celery top pine and figured eucalypt logs.  Rounded sale prices in $/cubic metre are shown at 'Tender Prices' on this site.

IST timber shop at Sustainable Timber Tasmania, Derwent Park, Hobart - stock of processed specialty timbers is for sale at Building 2, 26 Lampton Avenue, see STT and IST signs.   Seasoned and dressed timber / slabs of blackwood, sassafras (black-heart and spalted), myrtle, Huon pine and eucalypt burl slabs. Trading hours are 8.30 - am until 4.00 pm on weekdays or call Rebecca on tel 03 6235 8100 to discuss your requirements.  Chris Emmett, Manager at IST Geeveston, can also assist with stock enquiries or orders from IST Geeveston for collection by hand from Lampton Avenue - sorry no forklift onsite

Fresh Silver Wattle Sawlogs at IST Geeveston - select a log for milling into timber on the IST bandsaw mill - slabs, boards or squares for furniture, lining timber, stairs, posts etc or buy a truck load.  Good quality logs and well priced.   Talk to Chris Emmett.  

Fresh Blackwood Sawlogs at IST Geeveston - blackwood sawlogs  are available in lots from about 25 cubic metres either sold on truck or sawn into timber to your requirements by the IST bandsaw mill.  Please contact Mr Chris Emmett on for more information. 

Huon pine craftwood stock at IST Geeveston - Chris recently received about 100 tonnes of mixed craftwood logs and stumps from Forestry Tasmania at Strahan.  This material was salvaged from the historic harvest area on the Teepookana plateau during their operations to produce sawlogs for the west coast's Huon pine sawmills.  These craftwood pieces have been weathered for decades and can be used for sculptures, carving, indoor or outdoor feature pieces or to cut into slabs, squares, boards or turning blanks on the bandsaw mill at IST Geeveston or with your own chainsaw.  Contact Chris Emmett by email or tel 03 6295 7161 or mobile bh   0419 998 452 to discuss your requirements or to request images of this craft wood material.  

Email notice of Tenders - if you wish to receive notice of future tenders please email this request to

Premium 'Tiger' Myrtle Veneer leaf - IST Smithton has this scarce and valuable veneer leaf for sale in bundle lots, many in flitch sequence @ $66 / m2.   Please contact Andrew King, mobile 0427 810 341, or email  

IST Smithton is open only by appointment, please contact Andrew King, 03 6452 9101, mobile 0427 810 341, email or Craig Jaffray, mobile 0427 546 707, to discuss your purchase requirements and a suitable appointment time.

Eucalypt timber, fiddle-back and featured - new stock of this dressed, seasoned eucalypt timber will soon be available at IST Geeveston, contact Chris Emmett, or tel 03 6295 7161 or 0419 998 452.   

Blackwood sawlogs available for purchase at IST Geeveston - current stocks allow Chris to negotiate a price per cubic metre for substantial sale volumes.   Please contact him to discuss your requirements.  

Timber services at IST Geeveston - small lots of dry timber can be dressed by appointment with Chris Emmett, please direct questions and bookings to his email .   A Wood Wiz machine can surface dress and sand slabs on a bed 3.5 metres x 1.5 metres @ $70 / hour.   The thicknesser with a spiral head cutter can dress boards to 600 mm in width @ $110 / hour.  Logs purchased from IST Geeveston can be milled on an modern bandsaw mill @ $140 / hour.   This timber can be racked for air seasoning and then final seasoning in a modern low-temperature kiln @ $110 / m3 of racked volume.  Please contact Chris by email to develop your plans and book these services.  




Island Specialty Timbers, (IST) an enterprise of Forestry Tasmania was established at Geeveston in 1992 to increase the recovery, availability and value of specialty timbers from harvesting activities in State forests.   Now three operation centres for IST - Geeveston, Strahan and Smithton, receive or select logs, burls and stumps to sell to wood users or sawmills.  IST Geeveston also mill some logs, burls and stumps into slabs or timber  which are sold seasoned or green for furniture or craft designer / makers, builders, wood-turners, boat builders / repairers and luthiers.  IST Strahan salvage and sell Huon pine craft logs, craftwood, limbwood and stumps.  IST Smithton sell a range of raw material: logs, burls, stumps plus Huon pine craft logs, craft pieces and limb wood.       No sawn timber is sold from IST Smithton or IST Strahan, please contact sawmills at Smithton, Camdale, Strahan, or Lynchford (south of Queenstown).

The special timbers processed by IST are harvested from forests whose managment by Forestry Tasmania has been certified under national and international standards, the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) and the International Standards for Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001).

The three IST sites are licensed Chain of Custody members, FTT 08005, to guarantee customers that all their raw material and products are Tasmanian fine timbers sourced from AFS certified forests.  The Chain of Custody system is managed by Fine Timber Tasmania Inc., maintained by a coordinator and is annually assessed by independent auditors.

Huon Pine material is sourced from sites previously harvested for sawlogs, from stockpiles salvaged many years ago, prior to dam construction and from logs recovered after river floods. 

About ninety (90) per cent of all Huon Pine forests are permanently reserved within National Parks & Reserves.








updated on 2 July 2014.